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Policies, Guidelines, & Procedures

This is the set of official policies, procedures, guidelines and SOPs that cover research animal use at the University. All the links are to PDF documents.

IACUC Policies, Guidelines, & SOPs

The IACUC maintains a set of policies, guidelines, and SOPs that govern the use of research animals at the University. Policies are rules that are reviewed and approved by the IACUC. If applicable, they must be followed unless there is scientific or veterinary justification not to. Guidelines are recommendations that investigators can use as an aid when describing a procedure in a protocol. They can not, however, be referenced in place of a description of a procedure. SOPs are descriptions of common animal use procedures. They are reviewed and approved by the IACUC and can be referenced, in place of a description of a procedure, in a protocol.


If applicable, these policies must be followed unless a scientific or veterinary justification is provided in the animal use protocol. In this regard, they are treated by the IACUC as rules or regulations.

General Policies

Animal Welfare Policies

Research Policies

Health & Safety Guidelines & Policies

Training Policies

Compliance & Reporting Policies


These guidelines are provided as an aid to investigators when describing a procedure in an animal use protocol. They should not be referenced in place of a description of a procedure but investigators are free to use them in their descriptions.


The IACUC has approved a number of SOPs for common animal use procedures. When writing an Animal Use Protocol, one can refer to these instead of writing out a description of the procedure.