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Office of Institutional Research

Office of Institutional Research Staff

The Office of Institutional Research (OIR), formerly known as the Center for Collaborative Research, was established as a result of a 1988 strategic planning initiative to position the then College of Allied Health as a leading college of allied health sciences in the nation. Its establishment was in response to a national assessment that identified the importance of developing a strong research base in the allied health professions. With the recent University reorganization the OIR was reorganized to continue its traditional activities, while taking on a broader role in program evaluation and outcomes assessment in the Jefferson Schools of  Health Professions, Nursing, Pharmacy and Population Health, and assessing campus life for all students including the Jefferson Medical College and Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences.

The OIR engages in four major, interrelated efforts:

  • Facilitate collaborative research and faculty development
  • Serve as an office of institutional research
  • Pursue funding opportunities
  • Conduct the longitudinal study of student and alumni satisfaction

Selected OIR Activities

  • Collaborating with the Committee on Research and the Center for Faculty Development to plan and conduct faculty research development programs and mentor individual faculty members
  • Providing technical assistance on faculty grant proposals
  • Providing statistical consultation to faculty and students
  • Conducting the Longitudinal Study and disseminating results both internally and externally
  • Providing data for school and department reports required by accrediting agencies and other external and internal organizations
  • Conducting school and department-specific studies
  • Contributing editorial advice to the Journal of Allied Health, the Health Policy Newsletter, and the Health Mentors Newsletter
  • Collaborating with the Jefferson Center for Interprofessional Education in program planning and evaluation