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We thank the Federal Work Study Students who have worked in
the Office of Institutional Research over the years:

Heidi Hovorka, OT, ‘97
Kathleen Magee, NU, ‘97

Jami Glauskin, OT, ‘98

Kate Clancy, PT, ‘99
Tami Sander, OT, ‘99

Kim Rinaldi, PT ‘00
Tina Robinson, PT, ‘00

Gina Cooke, OT, ‘01
Karen McLaughlin, NU, ‘01

Jason Matthews, PT, ‘02
Melissa Moffett, OT, ‘02
Brian Page, PT, ‘02

Marci Borger, PT, ‘05
Jennifer Flowers, PT, ‘05

Laura Mansfield, RS, ‘08

Anne Bryan, PT, ‘11
Jonathan Lahr, PT, ‘11

Beth Hartzel, RS, ‘12
Aubrey Schmidt, OT, ‘12

Sarah Busenitz, PT, ‘14
Sarah DelSanto, PT, ‘15
Melinda (Mindy) Gross, PT, 15
Brittany Sherman, PT, ‘15

Megan Abott, PT, '17
Catherine Moretto, PT, '18


We also thank the interns from Rowan University and Rutgers University who have worked in the Office of Institutional Research.


Michael Ribchinsky*
Marrisa Cohen*
Matthew Miceli*

Kara Pearson^
Erica Smargisso*
Chelsea Steinmetz*


*Rowan University

^Rutgers University


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