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J-1 Forms & Procedures for Departments

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NEW J-1 Scholar

Department will invite a J-1 scholar from abroad to the U.S.



Department will invite a J-1 scholar currently at another U.S. institution to Jefferson

EXTEND J-1 Scholar

Department will extend the J-1 scholar's current program at Jefferson


J-1 Scholar will transfer out of Jefferson to another U.S. institution

Department Travel Letters

Some scholars will need letters of confirmation from their supervisors when they travel abroad during their J-1 program. These letters may help to mitigate any problems during re-entry into the U.S. to continue their J-1 programs..

  • J-1 Travel Letter Template
  • J-2 Travel Letter Template (dependent of J-1)
  • J-1 Out of Country Form

    For scholars who must travel for a significant period of time outside the U.S. to do research that is connected to their J-1 program at Jefferson, the out-of-country form must be completed and returned to OIA before the J-1 scholar departs the U.S. This will ensure continual participation in the J program and may help mitigate any confusion with immigration upon return to the U.S.

  • Out of Country Form