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Studying for a Degree at Jefferson

How to become a full-time student at Jefferson - Academic Programs

Thomas Jefferson University has six colleges, each with its own admissions office. You must contact the admissions office of that college to request application materials. For program information, admissions policies and forms, visit the web site of the Jefferson college that interests you:

Jefferson Medical College
Jefferson Graduate School of Biomedical Studies
Jefferson School of Health Professions
Jefferson School of Nursing
Jefferson School of Pharmacy
Jefferson School of Population Health

AFTER YOU HAVE BEEN ACCEPTED to a Jefferson program, please visit this web page
to proceed with your immigration documents.

Financial aid for foreign students studying at Jefferson

There is very limited financial aid available for foreign nationals wishing to study in the U.S. Unfortunately, Thomas Jefferson University does not currently have any scholarships or financial aid available to international students, although there are a small number of stipends for PhD students. Non-immigrants are not eligible to accept U.S. government student loans or financial aid. The following websites offer information about scholarships and financial aid for foreign nationals studying in the U.S.:

*Link courtesy of Thomas Jefferson University Office of Student Financial Aid

Permanent residents in the U.S. who would like to work or study at Jefferson

Permanent residents ("Green Card," I-551 stamp) are considered to be immigrants with employment authorization incidental to their immigrant status. Therefore, you do not need any additional documents from our office in order to accept employment or to study at Jefferson. If you are a prospective student, you should check with the admissions office to see if there are any English language prerequisites for the program.