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InterProfessional Care
for the 21st Century

Redefining Education & Practice

October 28 to 29, 2016

The purpose of this conference is to showcase scholarly work and works in progress related to interprofessional education and/or practice.  This conference reflects on innovative implementation and evaluation strategies of the interprofessional competencies.  Educators, clinicians, practitioners, researchers, health system leaders, policymakers, patient organizations, students and other interested stakeholders in the health and social services arena should attend.


Call for abstracts will begin in early March 2016!

Conference Learning Objectives

At the completion of the conference participants will be able to: 

  1. Define methods of evaluating patient outcomes in assessing the effectiveness of interprofessional education and collaborative practice endeavors (Knowledge)
  2. Recognize opportunities/apply strategies  to engage patients as partners in developing new models of interprofessional education and care (Comprehension/Application)
  3. Describe/apply approaches for engaging students in and preparing faculty for interprofessional education work (Comprehension/Application)
  4. Employ technology and social media to advance interprofessional education and collaborative practice (Application)
  5. Design innovative interprofessional curriculum, collaborative practice and quality improvement initiatives with attention to actualizing academic and clinical partnerships (Synthesis)

Conference Themes /Topics

  1. Interprofessional competencies and curricular models
  2. Faculty and staff development programs and resources
  3. IPE student groups and projects
  4. Collaborative practice models/new models of care
  5. Quality improvement and patient safety initiatives
  6. Patient perspectives and outcome measures
  7. Program evaluation methods and outcome measures
  8. Technology and social media innovations