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Email/Calendaring Conversion

ADVISORY: If you have appointments, calendar events, contacts, or folders, etc., marked ‘PRIVATE’ and want them to be migrated, please change them to ‘PUBLIC’


To support the unification of the Hospital and University as “One Jefferson,” Microsoft Exchange/Outlook has been selected as the common email and calendar platform for the entire Jefferson community. By the time the transition is completed, all Jefferson email addresses will follow the format.

This conversion directly impacts all Hospital staff as well as University employees who currently use the Lotus Notes Calendar (JeffCal) function.

To achieve our goal of transitioning all users to a single platform by Summer 2014, we will be converting groups of 1,000+ users at a time over the next few months.

Please check this website regularly for important updates and information on how to prepare for your scheduled conversion to Outlook. Remember to also check your email regularly for detailed instructions prior to and following your scheduled conversion.

The left hand navigation on this site includes links to training information, online support resources, and more. Please review the section called “How to Prepare.” This area outlines the steps you must take prior to converting to the new system. Your preparation and active participation will ensure a smooth transition to Microsoft Exchange/Outlook.