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Mission & Scope

IS&T is dedicated to providing the IT infrastructure, services, and support that enable Thomas Jefferson University to be among the nation’s premier institutions in healthcare education, research and clinical care.

Beyond this formal definition, though, IS&T strives to make its clients effective in their use of all forms of IT related systems, services, and technologies.  This mission has been accomplished by taking a leadership role in University-wide strategic planning for information systems, creating user involvement, and recommending innovative uses of technology in meeting university needs.

Guiding Principles

In pursuit of its mission, IS&T is committed to:

  • Partnering with all members of the Jefferson community
  • Delivering superior customer service
  • Exercising leadership
  • Developing innovative solutions
  • Deploying robust, reliable and secure technology
  • Maximizing the use of resources in cost effective ways

Code of Conduct

Based on these principles, IS&T adheres to a fundamental set of behaviors that shape how to act internally as well as in the University community. Members of IS&T regularly:

Focus on Service Excellence

  • Value the customer
  • Collaborate and cooperate
  • Know the business
  • Find innovative solutions
  • Deliver quality with a sense of urgency
  • Conclude with “Can I help with anything else?”

Work as a Team Player/Leader

  • Meet with staff regularly
  • Maintain professionalism
  • Encourage collaboration among staff
  • Share ideas; give consideration to the ideas of others
  • Work with others to accomplish the objectives
  • Bring closure to topics by acknowledging the work of all

Emphasize Excellent Communication

  • Actively listen to what others are saying
  • Communicate expectations clearly
  • Foster self-sufficiency through knowledge transfer
  • Use email etiquette
  • Embrace a mentoring structure
  • Distribute minutes encompassing discussion and deliverables

Demonstrate Accountability

  • Do what you say you will do
  • Be honest with others
  • Strive for results
  • Avoid making excuses and casting blame
  • Communicate your intentions
  • Let others know your availability
  • Respond to contacts in a timely manner
  • Close the loop

Think Ahead

  • Develop and work from a plan
  • Manage what is done
  • Consider the next steps
  • Take reasonable risks
  • Prepare thorough

Stay Positive

  • Develop strong supporters by cultivating satisfied clients
  • Earn trust and build confidence
  • Appreciate and capitalize on the challenges
  • Remember that opportunities to provide service keep us in business
  • Don’t waste time on negative energy


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