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Project Management

IS&T partners with its clients in delivering IT services and supporting departmental initiatives.  When departmental requests go beyond a specific service request, Service Desk call, or specific task a formal project can be undertaken.

Use the project request form to begin the process.  You will be walked through several questions to see if the magnitude of your proposed undertaking qualifies it as a project.

What is a Project?

A project is an endeavor of fixed duration which is undertaken to deliver a specific product or service to a client of IS&T.  For example:

  • Develop or install a new application.
  • Work with an outside vendor to evaluate a department’s IT needs.
  • Upgrade an application to a new version, hardware platform, or vendor.
  • Move a department’s IT equipment to a new location.

What is not a Project?

  • Fix a hardware or network connectivity problem with a PC.
  • Train a new staff person on using remote network access.
  • Choose a new Smartphone or PDA.
  • Install a new version of Office on a PC.

In other words, a project is a set of related tasks constituting a concentrated effort over time involving multiple people or departments that goes beyond the discrete, one-time services of the Operations Center.

To begin a Project with IS&T

If you wish to have IS&T partner with you on an IT project, you will be able to complete a project request form in the near future.  It will consist of the following information.

  • Project Name
  • Project Sponsor (Department)
  • Local Project Manager (A IS&T Project Manager will be assigned)
  • Project Objectives
  • Benefits of the Project to TJU
  • One Paragraph Statement of Work and Scope
  • Project Schedule – projected start and end dates
  • Known Resources Required (hardware, software, budget)
  • Deliverables List (A proposal, an application, a process)
  • Risks

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