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The following applications are used throughout the university campus and serve Faculty, Students, Staff and Researchers alike. Click the icon to access the application or a page with additional details. Gold icons with a lock require authentication to access that application.

Note: ARTS is only available while on the Jefferson campus and to view Campus News you will need to log into Pulse.

AISR GuestPass

AISR GuestPass
Temporary access to use Jefferson resources without a Campus Key.


Campus Display
Provides event data from EMS Campus Calendars, RSS feeds, Video as well as manual imports for display through plasma monitor that will reside throughout the campus and Hospital buildings. [aka AISX/VISX]


CQ5 Content Management System
This application is the method that enables you to edit your web content. Process available for review.


Faculty Interests Database
This database provides key information about faculty including contact info, areas of expertise and research.


TJU's official web-based email client.


This service is offered as a universal storage for TJU constituents. Store, share and send data using the simple interface with anyone, including non-Jeffersonians.

Master Calendar

Master Calendar
This system provides Room Reservations and Campus wide calendaring ability.

Remote Access

Remote Access
Access the Jefferson Network while off campus via VPN or RAP.


Service Requests
Submit a Service Request for support in University IT-related issues or services.

Animal Research & Tracking System

Animal Research & Tracking System
ARTS tracks the use and expenditures of animals and related expenses for various university research projects.
This application is not available off campus. For further information for access, please contact Security.

Campus News [on Blackboard]

Campus News [on Blackboard]
This application ports formal Jefferson-issued news from the TJUH intranet for display on Pulse. Note: you must log in to Blackboard to access Campus News.

Other University/Campus Applications

Don't see the application you are looking for? Please call the IS&T Solution Center at 5-7975 for help in finding additional information on the application you need to know about.

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