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The Jefferson web presence has been unified per the executive direction of 'One Jefferson'. The site has been reposition and branded in alignment with this objective.  

As IS&T manages TJU's content management system, CQ, we have been working in concert with the Department of Marketing as ultimately they are charged with our online presence.

For Phase I, the upper levels of the site have been addressed per the primary navigation and the audience pages. Content on other pages has not changed, however may of been slightly revised per the new design elements.

If you are a CQ-trained web liaison, please be aware that CQ's workflow option has been initiated, so that when you Activate a page, a site administrator will approve and post the page to We expect that that standard turn-around times apply for most requests, however more complex site updates/additions may take longer and will be addressed on a case-by-case basis.

In regard to Phase II, each site will be reviewed with the department or program stakeholder with Marketing to optimize the content, messaging and user experience.  As Phase I launched the upper tier University pages to unify all of the Jefferson pillars, Phase II is in-process of working through the SKMC and School's web presence. Phase II will reposition and restructure the sites per the Phase I rigors, (assessment, structure tree-testing, content development, and re-built,) to insure that the overall strategic vision as well as developing a unified user experience. As we have over 200 sites to address, Phase II will occur in stages with the goal of near completion late summer 2015.

Please know that IS&T will continue to support university web sites - new builds, modification and applications.

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