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Comparison between JeffMail & GMail

for Students
for Students
Will be
Account Aliases Yes Yes Yes
Calendar - Yes -
Chat – Text - Yes -
Chat – Video - Yes -
Chat – Voice - Yes -
Contacts Yes Yes Yes*
Current Email Yes Yes Yes
Current Folders Yes Yes** Yes
Documents - Yes -
Existing Email Address Yes Yes Yes
Filters (Content/Reply/Sig/Forwards) Yes Yes** No
IMAP Access Yes Yes Yes***
Mobile support for Calendar (SMS Alerts) - Yes -
Mobile Support for email (Native) - Yes -
Outlook for Calendar - Yes -
Outlook for Email Yes Yes Yes***
POP Access Yes Yes Yes***
Tasks - Yes -
Web Access Yes Yes Yes
Storage Quota 60  Mb 7 Gb+  
* Standard Email Information for Contacts will be migrated.
** GMail uses labels instead of folders; Folders will be translated to labels. Due to this, Filters will not be migrated.
*** Access will be available, but client reconfiguration will be required.

date revised 10/08/10

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