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Students Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is Affected?

Which Students will have their JeffMail accounts migrated to GMail?

  • All full-time students who are not full-time employees
  • Full-time students who work part-time for TJU
  • Full-time students who are TJUH employees (either full or part-time).  If these students were provided TJUH email accounts they will keep these accounts.

Which students will keep their JeffMail or TJUH email and not move to GMail
Students who are full-time employees of TJU.

I don't want to migrate to GMail. Can I keep my JeffMail account?
All qualifying students will be migrated from JeffMail.

Can full-time employees or non-students migrate from JeffMail to GMail?
Currently, only students qualify for this program.

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How will the Migration work?

What will be migrating?
The migration will include all student email addresses, aliases, email, folders and access methods. Filters (Content, Auto-Reply, Signatures and Forwards) will NOT be migrating due to differences in the mail system technologies. See the chart titled JeffMail vs. GMail Features Comparison.

What will I see during the migration?
The migration will start by directing new incoming mail to your new GMail account.

When you log into your JeffMail account you will be redirected to your new GMail account. Finally, the migration of your current data will be performed.

Once the migration has begun, any IMAP clients you have configured (such as Outlook) will have to be reconfigured to the new settings.

How do I configure my mail client or device for on GMail?
You can use the following information to reconfigure IMAP with many mail clients. If you had been able to previously configure your Email account on a client / device, you should be able to reconfigure it by changing the settings indicated below.

First, make sure your Campus Key Password is synchronized to GMail by going to "Settings" > "Accounts" > "Change Account Settings" > "Change Password".

Finally, reconfigure your client/device for on GMail:

Incoming Mail (IMAP) Server
    – requires SSL:
Use SSL: Yes
Port: 993
Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server
    – requires TLS:
Use Authentication: Yes
Use STARTTLS: Yes (some clients call this SSL)
Port: 465 or 587
Account Name:
Email Address:
Password: Your Campus Key Password

Please note that if your client does not support SMTP authentication, you won't be able to send mail through your client using your GMail address.

Also, if you're having trouble sending mail but you've confirmed that encryption is active for SMTP in your mail client, try to configure your SMTP server on a different port: 465 or 587. Some ISPs will block email ports.

Will I experience an outage or loss of email during the migration?
There should be no disruption in your ability to logon to your email account and send or receive email. You may experience a delay in the availability of older mail content as everyone's data is migrated to GMail. Time estimates place the entire historical mail copy at approximately 24 hours. If you need access to old email or settings before your historical email has been migrated, you can still access these old emails by logging on to https:\\

When will the migration occur?
On November 27th, 2010.

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What will change for me?

Will my email address change?
Your email alias ( will not change. However if you are configuring IMAP clients such as Outlook or smartphones, you must use

Please see directions under the FAQ “What will I see during the migration?

Will my mailing list membership change?
No. Mailing list membership is not affected.

I have forwarded my JeffMail account to another mail service. How will this migration impact me?
Your forward will cease to function as your email is now forwarded to the GMail service.

I already have a GMail account. How will this migration impact me?
The GMail accounts for are completely separate from personal GMail accounts. They remain distinct and are accessed differently.

I already have a GMail account. Can you just send my email to my existing account?
No. The GMail accounts for are completely separate from personal GMail accounts. You are free to configure a forward of your mail from your Jefferson GMail account to your personal GMail account if you wish.

What do I do if I need filter information that won’t be migrated?
IS&T recommends that you review your filter settings prior to the migration. Access to https:\\ will be available for a limited time after the migration so that you can retrieve any information that you may have missed.

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GMail & Google Apps Features

What Google Apps will be available through my new GMail account?

  • Calendar
  • Mobile – Google Apps on mobile devices
  • Docs – Create, share, store and publish online documents and spreadsheets. Access from anywhere with no software download needed
  • Chat – Communicate with contacts via instant messages, high-quality voice calls and speedy file transfers
  • Video – Share, store and publish videos. Access and play from anywhere with nothing to download
  • Contacts – A contact manager to help your users find and organize the contacts and groups they collaborate with
  • Start Page – This permits users access services from a central place. Preview inboxes and calendar events, access essential content, and search the web. It is basically, iGoogle
  • Groups – A web application that allows users to create, manage, and search groups. An administrator can also manage these groups. Mail sent to groups is delivered whether this service is active or not

What other Google services can be enabled?

  • Offline GMail
  • GMail Labs
  • Voice and Video Chat – If your network allows. Voice and video chat are not enabled on the ARN
  • Google Apps Sync and Google Apps Connector – Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook is a plug-in that provides high fidelity contacts, calendar, and email synchronization

JeffMail vs. GMail Features Comparison

Can I compare the feature differences between JeffMail and GMail?
Yes. Click here to review the chart.

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Issues Logging into JeffMail after changing password

If after changing your password you experience issues logging into Gmail, you may be required to unlock your account. The link below will redirect you to the site for unlocking accounts.

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What are the Guidelines for JeffMail Passwords?

Please Note: Gmail's password policy

  • Password Length must be between 8 and 12 characters
  • Repeat Password History Length – 3 previous passwords not allowed
  • Passwords must include one upper case letter, one lower case letter AND one number
  • Passwords cannot use your first name, last name or your campus key
  • Passwords may not have more than 2 consecutive repeating characters
  • The following special characters are permissible:  ~  !  #  %  _  -  +  :  =  ?

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date revised 11/17/10

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