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Program Specifics

  • Student email addresses will stay the same and all mailing lists will continue to work.  No existing administrative or communications procedures will change.
  • Students will log into the JeffMail web portal as usual.  The system will automatically redirect students to the GMail service, which will be branded with the Jefferson logo.  Email storage will increase from 60 megabytes to 7 gigabytes.
  • You cannot access this service from the GMail link in Google.  This is a Jefferson site hosted by Google but separate from commodity GMail.
  • IS&T will continue to manage the provisioning of accounts and all passwords will stay under our management and control. TJU will have full control over the service and will continue to provide user support.
  • All full-time students will have their accounts migrated to GMail.  Full-time employees taking courses will continue to use JeffMail.  Students working part-time in business-sensitive departments (JUP, Admissions, Financial Aid, Registrars Office, IS&T, etc.) may receive temporary JeffMail accounts to use when transacting TJU business based on departmental policies. No student may communicate clinical, patient and or student information using GMail.
  • During the cutover there will be no disruption of email service, but it may take up to 24 hours for all student email to be transferred.  During this time students will be able to access the old mail system to retrieve emails and settings.
  • Many students have requested this service, and it was developed with input from them and their representatives.  Many students forward their JeffMail to GMail and use Google Apps already.

date revised 11/17/10

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