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The TJU Data Center Environment

Sharing Our Vision


With an acute need for highly reliable computer systems and services that are available 24x7, IS&T opted to examine all possible solutions instead of spending $6-8 million to upgrade the campus data center, an under-resourced, outdated campus facility with limited disaster recovery capability.

Within 18 months, TJU‘s new 100% outsourced Tier IV data center and disaster recovery infrastructure was outfitted and operational, securely housing the University’s vast array of computing assets, linked with real time data synchronization and automatic failover, all connected by a 10 gigabit self-healing, dual fiber optic ring that was tightly integrated with the campus network.

Over 400 servers were moved from the campus data center to DBSi using a virtualized, load-balanced leapfrog approach characterized by a unique move process consisting of a series of smaller, standardized, and continually refined repeatable steps, each developed and executed in-house by IS&T.

In getting out of the data center operations business, IS&T is better able to focus on our core competencies. Most notably, IS&T continues to strengthen partnerships with its customers, achieve higher levels of excellence in customer service, and provide the TJU community with a strategic view for IT in the future.

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