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Benefit Detail for Corporate Applications

Our data center brings us closer to:

A Higher Return on Investment


Hosting all your IT systems is a large and intimidating endeavor. Breaking away from our traditional, on-campus data center was a challenging concept to get our minds around. Having your servers on-site provides a sense of control and comfort, however, the benefits of a Tier IV: Fault-Tolerant data center go a long way in easing the tension.

IT expenses become predictable with a hosted solution. Maintenance and new data center infrastructure needs are no longer budget versus best choice issues. Our managed service provider’s flat monthly fee affords us an accurate and predictable budget experience, along with the ability to scale the data center on a moment's notice.

For our corporate systems, hosting reduces time spent on tedious details and offers a comfort-level knowing you’re making a positive impact on the organizations' IT environment. This is a significant advantage that is difficult to achieve with an on campus self-staffed data center.

Enterprise Systems’
Applications or Servers:

  • Hyperion
  • Kronos
  • PeopleSoft GL
  • PeopleSoft HR
  • PeopleSoft Supply Chain

Web Applications or Servers:

  • Development Servers
  • QA Servers
  • Production Servers