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Benefit Detail for Patient Care

Our data center brings us closer to:

The Ideal Patient Experience


With 2 million of our patients’ electronic medical records on TJU servers, any system downtime translates into a delay in patient treatment.  With no hard-copy medical records as a backup, the critical requirement for electronic medical records is a secure, stable environment that ensures that physicians have all available patient information at the point of care.

Introducing EMR to our patient care environments to create the Ideal Patient Experience, was the tipping point for IS&T’s decision to explore data center alternatives.

Physician Systems
Applications and Servers:

  • Cardiology Dictaphone Application Server
  • Cardiology Server
  • Cardiology Xcelera Application Server
  • Cardiology PaceArt Application Server
  • Spinal Injury Research File Server
  • Treasurer C-bord Application Server
  • Anesthesiology Application Server