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Primary Data Center

Taking Our Business to a Higher Tier


DBSi Inc. hosts and manages TJU’s data center and connects to TJU's disaster recovery site. IS&T selected DBSi for its Tier IV: Fault-Tolerant Site Infrastructure capabilities in a highly secure, totally redundant facility, 30 minutes outside Philadelphia.  DBSi has more than 20 healthcare organizations as customers.

Given the data security and privacy requirements of health care information, the data center’s security is an important consideration for IS&T. A pivotal item in their selection was an examination of DBSi’s Statement on Auditing Standard 70 (SAS 70) by the AICPA for data centers to ensure DBSi implements, maintains and executes a set of internal controls for access control, generator testing, and security measures over a fixed period of time. 

In its 2008 analysis of data center options, IS&T concluded that even with an $8 million investment in the campus data center, TJU could not replicate DBSi’s capabilities. 

In addition, DBSi has been a valued contributor in planning TJU’s co-location/failover model and its redundant, dedicated, self-healing 10-gigabyte fiber ring that connects to TJU’s Philadelphia campus with DBSi.