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About Security & Redundancy

Protecting Privacy in a Secure Environment

Over 2 million JUP patient electronic medical records are entrusted to our data center.  Limiting access to patient databases and creating trusted network zones that extend beyond our campus into remote locations are just two aspects of protecting patient privacy and the meaningful use of electronic health information.  IS&T extends this same level of privacy concern to our student population and of course to our Faculty, Researchers, Administrators and Staff. 

Regulatory Compliance & Security Standards Assurance


Our search for the best data center and disaster recovery solution centered around our need to focus on data security and confidentiality of patient information, as well as ensure the business continuity of our critical patient care and electronic medical record system, including privacy and security concerns associated with the electronic transmission of health information.

As a major academic medical center that includes medical and health science, and research, TJU’s primary data center meets all HIPAA, JCAHO, FDA, and other compliancy requirements related to recovery and data protection.