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Server Management Services


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Server Support Services

The IS&T Infrastructure management team offers server infrastructure support services for supported server hardware located in our data center locations.  Support services include:

  • Server Hardware configuration, installation and support
    • Supported hardware includes Dell Servers, Blades and Vmware Virtual Machines
  • Operating System configuration, installation and support. Supported Operating systems include:
    • Microsoft Windows 2003 (32-bit,64-bit versions)
    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 (32-bit,64-bit versions)
  • Server Availability Monitoring
  • Server Health Monitoring
  • Local Firewall and Anti-virus
  • Load balancing
  • Performance Tuning

Application Services

The IS&T Infrastructure management team also offers infrastructure application support services, including:

  • Network User Management
  • Domain Storage
  • Central Authentication and Directory servers
  • Consultation

Technology Liaison Services

The IS&T Infrastructure management team also acts as a liaison with other organizational service providers to make available additional services, including:

  • Data backup and restoration
  • Disaster recovery
  • DNS hosting
  • Network Firewall

Server Support Services

The following are available to download when making a server request.

New Server Request
Server Retirement Request
Firewall Port Request
DNS Change Request
Server Access Request

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