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About the Preferred Support Program

IS&T is committed to providing the best possible computing support to the TJU community. One approach, which has been increasingly adopted by universities and other organizations, is the distributed support model.

Unlike the central IT Help Desk, the distributed model recognizes that technology is too important, pervasive, and complex for any one group to exclusively support. Instead, the central IT support group oversees a federated support program that engages its clients in a variety of collaborative programs.

Mutual support – Distributed support leverages everyone’s knowledge, provides better feedback to both groups and engages everyone in mutual support and communicative relationships.

Joint planning – Offer consulting services to help optimize the department’s IT resources, plans, and provide direction on any upcoming IT initiatives.

Improved communications – Monthly meetings are held to communicate issues and solicit feedback from all participants.

Proactive training – Access to customized training on IT topics relevant to the needs and ongoing individualized training and orientation opportunities.


date revised 09/19/08