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High Perfomance Computing

Available primarily for researchers in need of a cost-effective solution for experimenting with computation-intensive applications, the Jefferson High-Performance Computing Cluster (HPCC) has been built and tuned to address specific research problems. It is a shared computing resource whose  purpose is to provide a development environment for exploration of new computational techniques in areas such as Cancer Biology, Pharmacological Modeling, Computational Genomics and related disciplines of Bioinformatics.

The HPCC system utilizes Dell Poweredge servers running RedHat Linux. It has 8 nodes, each with 2 dual core 2.66 GHz processors and 4 Gb of RAM, a head node with 2 dual core 2.66 GHz processors and 8 Gb of RAM, and a 2-Tb file storage array.

The HPCC is supported by Jeff-IT Infrastructure Services. Investigators interested in the use of the HPCC should reference it in a service request, directing the request to Infrastructure Services.

date revised 11/18/08