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Desktop Security


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Members of the Thomas Jefferson University (TJU) and Jefferson University Physician's (JUP) workforce must have ready access to computerized and other information sources containing protected health information (PHI) for which they have access authorization to carry out their jobs. With this in mind, work areas containing a workstation or other types of records or data need to be designed and constructed for efficient operations, yet they must be shielded from public scrutiny or possible unauthorized access. All workstations with access to sensitive information need to be blocked from public viewing. Documents bearing protected information should be secured when not being used. This policy addresses the information sources being accessed, the manner in which those sources are accessed, the activities that take place with those information sources, and any necessary requirements for the safeguarding of the workstations and work areas where these activities take place. Visit Pulse to read the complete workstation security policy.

Microsoft Windows Resources


Newer Macintosh computers from Apple Corporation run on the latest version of their operating system called Mac OS X “Tiger”, which is based on Linux. The following websites have valuable tips and information for securing Mac OS X.