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Safe Computing is your site to find the answers to common computer security questions. Thomas Jefferson University recognizes that computer security is often a complex and confusing subject. This web page is the home of computing resources meant to help alleviate confusion and educate anyone and everyone about information security and Internet threats that we all face daily.

Here you'll find information resources to help you develop good computing habits that will shield you from many of the dangers of the Internet. Today, computer crimes are social and behavioral problems that can easily be avoided with a little education. Safe Computing offers tips and best practices to help you avoid the common tricks the bad guys pull to lure you into helping them infect your computer or steal your identity.

Security is often a means of learning when to change our behavior. There is no purely technological solution that will protect you or your computer from the threats that exist today. However, to the extent possible, IS&T has implemented foundational security elements into all of our services. For example, IT Security starts where the data is housed. In Jefferson's example this is in the University's Tier IV data center. Since the data center is the origin of data security, but by no means the destination of data security, take a look around this site for information on good data security habits. Practicing these good habits regularly and you will soon find that security is second nature. Good practices are not extra work, they are just a way of changing how we accomplish the tasks we already perform when using our computers.