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Below are a number of brochures, handouts, posters, and guides dealing with Information Security topics to help increase safe computing awareness. The available downloads have been organized by general topic. If there is an item that you would like to see, please feel free to contact the IS&T Service Desk at (3-7600).

Identity Theft

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Help with e-mail Phishing (Ohio State Video)

brochures and handouts

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SSNs and Credit Card Numbers

Incident Reporting
What's an Incident?
Report a Security Breach
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  • Identity Theft Victim Checklist This California state document lists the actions identity theft victims may take to clear the damage to their records. Provides relevant information for victims, such as how to complete an identity theft affidavit, what to do if debt collectors call, what to tell creditors, and the contact information for the three major credit bureaus.
  • Federal Trade Commission's Deter, Detect, Defend Identity Theft Tri-fold brochure available via the Federal Trade Commission. Similar information to the university identity theft brochure, but is geared to a general audience and does not include the university resources.
  • Identity Theft Fact Sheets A variety of handouts that cover topics such as how to freeze credit files, order credit reports, stop unwanted communications, and read a privacy policy. Handouts range in size from one page to several pages long.