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About JeffShare

An introduction to the JeffShare file management, collaboration and storage system JeffShare represents the next generation of file management systems. It allows the user to securely store, manage and share files with others, both inside and outside the Jefferson community. Users may easily and securely access their files on the JeffShare system while traveling or from home.

With JeffShare, file sharing can be made easily and securely via JeffMail. Since ticket permission groups and web links are used, the full file is not attached to an email message. Therefore, JeffMail’s 30 MB file size limit does not apply and the file size will not count against a user’s mail storage quota.

Collaboration is streamlined with JeffShare. Workflows may be employed so that collaborators are automatically notified of their part in the process. Access logs and subscriptions provide detailed information about when and by whom files are accessed. All previous versions of a document are automatically saved for review or reuse.

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