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JeffShare is a document management suite.  It allows for secure storage and collaboration of documents. It is not appropriate to use JeffShare for large amounts of archival or backup storage purposes. It appears as a mapped network drive, seamlessly integrating with Windows Explorer, Microsoft Office Applications and Outlook-based JeffMail.

Users are allocated 500mb to start, with the option of adding more.

JeffShare is a free service being offered by Jeff-IT.

When you log in to your computer you will be automatically logged in to the JeffShare drive as well. To work with your files using the Web User Interface (WebUI) you will need to log in separately, but using your same campus key and password.

With JeffShare, when a document is shared, the owner of that document has the option of setting permissions, time limits and password protection.  Only the people you specify can read and edit that document.

Opening and saving in all of your Microsoft Office applications, working with files and folders in Windows Explorer, and sending email through JeffMail will work exactly the same way as it did before.  In order to take advantage of all of the benefits of JeffShare, you will need to learn to work within the JeffShare WebUI as well as the procedure for intellittaching documents to your email messages.  Procedural documentation and videos may be found in this organization.

When you intellittach a document, JeffShare automatically attaches either a link or a ticket instead of the actual document.  Since the entire document is not being sent, you no longer have to worry about the 30 Mb file size limit and the document size will not affect your total JeffMail storage limit.

Using a link allows you to set or use default permissions for the document or folder.  Links are most often used for people within the Jefferson community. Prior to sending a link, it is good practice to first ensure that the recipient has the necessary permissions to the document or folder.
When a ticket is used, custom permissions, time limits and passwords may be set.  Tickets are most beneficial for use with people outside the Jefferson community as they allow them to be granted access to documents or folders on the JeffShare system.

JeffShare automatically saves earlier versions of a document.  Simply review the earlier versions and keep the one you want.

date revised 11/10/08

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