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Jeffshare Drive Connection

NOTE: Use these installation instructions only if the JeffShare (Xythos) Drive Setup program failed to properly set up a mapped drive and/or service.

Xythos desktop icon

Click on the Xythos Drive icon in the system tray.

The Xythos Drive dialog box opens. If you have the JeffShare service listed in the service box, but it is not mapped to a drive letter, click on the drop down arrow in the ‘Drive:’ box and choose a free drive letter. Click on the ‘Work Online’. Click on the close button. Your JeffShare drive will now appear as any other attached drive in Windows Explorer and the ‘Open’ and ‘Save As’ dialog boxes in your Microsoft Office

If no service is listed in the ‘Service’ box, then you will need to create one. Click on the ‘Service’ button and choose “New…” from the drop-down menu.

Xythos connect window

The Service Properties dialog box opens. Enter the information according to the instructions as follows. Do not include and quotation marks in the dialog box entry fields.

In the ‘Service name:’ box; replace “New Connection” with “JeffShare”. In the ‘Server URL’ box; enter “ campus key”. Enter your campus key in the ‘Username:’ box, click in the ‘Save password’ check box to put a check mark there and enter your password in the ‘Password:’ box and click the ‘OK’ button.

Service Properties

In the Xythos Drive dialog box, the next available drive letter will be automatically placed in the ‘Drive:’ box. If you want to use a different letter, such as “S”, click on the drop-down arrow at the right-hand side of the ‘Drive’ box and choose an available letter. Do not choose a letter that is already mapped to a drive. Click on the ‘Work Online’ button.

Xythos Drive Connect

A pop-up box will tell you that you are connecting to the server.

Connecting to new server

Windows Explorer will open and show you the contents of your JeffShare drive. If you switch to your Xythos Drive dialog box you can see your status and set some options. Your Xythos Drive dialog box will now show that you are connected and working online.

xythos drive

Click on the ‘Options’ tab. On the options page, if you do not want to have Windows Explorer open automatically upon connecting to you JeffShare Drive, click in the check box next to “Open Explorer window after connection” to remove the check mark. You may set the pop-up Status Monitor to “Show on errors only” if you do not wish to see it during file opening and saving.

Xythos Options

Click on the close button when you are done. Your JeffShare drive will now appear as
any other attached drive in Windows Explorer and the open and save as dialog boxes in
your Microsoft Office programs.

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