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Web Folder Setup for Windows Users

NOTE: These instructions are for use only if you do not have the JeffShare drive installed on your computer.

url bar

Open your web browser (you must be using Internet Explorer.) Click in the address bar, enter “” and hit the ‘Enter’ key.

The JeffShare WebUI will open in your browser. In the left menu, enter your campus key in the Username box. Enter your password in the Password box and click on the ‘GO’ button.

Login Window

If you want to set up a web folder for your user root directory, click on the Web Folder button in the top toolbar. To set up a different folder, navigate to that folder first, then click on the Web Folder button in the top toolbar.

Windows Explorer opens and shows you the contents of your webfolder in the view pane. Click on ‘View’ from the menu bar, point to ‘Explorer Bar’ and select ‘Folders’ from the submenu.

windows explorer
campus key

The tree pane is now visible on the left hand side. The new web folder just created will be listed under ‘My Network Places’ and/or under ‘Web Folders’ in ‘My Computer’ as campus key on

Your new web folder will act as any folder within Windows Explorer and Microsoft

Office Applications allowing you to copy, move, open, save and delete files just as with any folder on a local drive.

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