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Macintosh Users

Attn: Mac Users

Apple recently upgraded its Safari web browser to version 3.1. Unfortunately there are compatibility issues in this version with the JeffShare WebUI. If you are running an earlier version of Safari, do not upgrade.If you have upgraded to Safari v3.1 you will not be able to log in to theJeffShare WebUI.

JeffShare's software provider, Xythos, is aware of these issues and is working on including the necessary fixes in their next service pack release.If you have upgraded to the latest Safari version, Xythos'short term solution is to access the WebUI through the Firefox web browser. Firefox may be downloaded from the Mozilla web site.

Mac Users
This section contains information for Mac users to get the most out of JeffShare. Presently, the JeffShare Drive is a Windows-only application. In order to have drag-and-drop and other functionality, Web-DAV folders may be set up that link to the directories on JeffShare. Information on the WebUI found throughout this organization is applicable for Mac Users accessing their files through a web browser

WebDAV Folder Setup for Individual (Campus Key) Directories

WevDAV Folder Setup for Group (Departmental) Share Directories.

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