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The JeffShare Home Drive may appear to be missing items that you are able to see when accessing your JeffShare repository from the web (e.g., from the JeffShare tab on Pulse.) Following the simple procedure outlined within this link will change your drive settings, which may resolve this issue for you.

Attn: Mac Users

Apple recently upgraded its Safari web browser to version 3.1. Unfortunately there are compatibility issues in this version with the JeffShare WebUI. If you are running an earlier version of Safari, do not upgrade. If you have upgraded to Safari v3.1 you will not be able to log in to the JeffShare WebUI.

JeffShare's software provider, Xythos, is aware of these issues and is working on including the necessary fixes in their next service pack release. If you have upgraded to the latest Safari version, Xythos' short term solution is to access the WebUI through the Firefox web browser. Firefox may be downloaded from the Mozilla web site.

Ticket Password Prompts

If a ticket is sent to a collaborator without a password being specified and that collaborator gets a prompt to enter a password, you need to manually remove password enabling.

In the WebUI, right click on the file or folder being shared via that ticket. Point to "Manage" in the shortcut menu and select "Tickets" from the submenu. Select the ticket and click on the 'Edit' button. Click to remove the check mark from the box next to "Password Enable this Ticket". Click on the 'OK' button.

Notify the collaborator to access the ticket again.

IS&T will be updating the software to patch this problem in the beginning of April.

Access is Denied

If you get an "Access is Denied" error message while attempting to open a file from the WebUI, you will need to shut down and restart the JeffShare (Xythos) Drive.

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