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Interviewing at Sidney Kimmel Medical College

Each year approximately 800 applicants are invited to interview at Jefferson.

The interview process at Jefferson begins in late September through early April each Wednesday except for the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and the Wednesday during Winter Holiday break which is usually the last week of December.

We offer invited applicants the opportunity to experience Jefferson with a full day of activities starting at 10:00 a.m. During the Wednesday program, invited applicants have the opportunity to meet with the Dean of Admissions, the Director of Admissions, current students, and faculty. The faculty interview is one-on-one and open file with a member of the Committee on Admissions.

Students invited to interview are notified via email.

Each year, the Committee on Admissions of Sidney Kimmel Medical College establishes criteria for granting interviews to applicants. These criteria include academic performance, letters of recommendation and consideration for one of the special programs (as listed in the Sidney Kimmel Medical College applicant brochure viewable on our web site). Our procedure is to send a supplementary application and brochure to everyone who applies. However, not every applicant can be granted an interview. We recommend that you realistically evaluate your academic record before you complete the application by returning your activation form and application fee.

Regardless of your decision, we thank you for your interest in Sidney Kimmel Medical College and we wish you every success in your medical career.