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Plan Description
Health Insurance 2013-2014

Health insurance is required for all students attending Jefferson Medical College. We are happy to offer a comprehensive health plan through United Healthcare, designed specifically for students. More details regarding the plan benefits can be accessed at Please familiarize yourself with the plan benefits.

  • This plan is a PPO, which provides flexibility in accessing care, including when on clinical rotations as well when you are home on break
  • This plan is accepted throughout the large United Healthcare network
  • The coverage begins July 29, 2013
  • Your tuition bill will be charged directly for the coverage, divided among the two semesters (but you will only need to enroll once)
  • The cost for the 2013-2014 year is $4,283.00

Health insurance enrollment is an online process and must be completed by EVERY student, whether you are selecting the school-sponsored plan or are requesting to waive.

Enrollment into the United Healthcare plan will be done online and must be completed by August 2, 2013.  If you have not completed the online enrollment by this date, you will be charged a fee which will be added to your tuition account.

To begin the online enrollment/waive process, please access the United Healthcare Web site after directly selecting “Thomas Jefferson University” then “Jefferson Medical College” at