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Joseph S. Gonnella, MD

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1015 Walnut Street
Suite 320, Curtis Building
Philadelphia, PA 19107

(215) 955-5492
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Most Recent Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. Eleven years of data on the jefferson scale of empathy-medical student version (JSE-S): Proxy norm data and tentative cutoff scores
  2. Predicting risk of hospitalisation or death: A retrospective population-based analysis
  3. Personality assessments and outcomes in medical education and the practice of medicine: AMEE Guide No. 79
  4. Editorial: Empathy and Health Care Quality
  5. Psychometrics of the scale of attitudes toward physician-pharmacist collaboration: A study with medical students
  6. Physician lifelong learning: Conceptualization, measurement, and correlates in full-time clinicians, academic clinicians, and medical students
  7. The relationship between physician empathy and disease complications: An empirical study of primary care physicians and their diabetic patients in Parma, Italy
  8. Measurement and correlates of empathy among female Japanese physicians
  9. The Jefferson Scale of Physician Empathy: A preliminary psychometric study and group comparisons in Korean physicians
  10. Medical education, social accountability and patient outcomes
  11. Physician lifelong learning: Conceptualization, measurement, and correlates in full-time clinicians and academic clinicians
  12. Empathic and sympathetic orientations toward patient care: Conceptualization, measurement, and psychometrics
  13. A brief instrument to measure patients' overall satisfaction with primary care physicians
  14. Physicians' empathy and clinical outcomes for diabetic patients
  15. AM last page. The Jefferson Longitudinal Study of medical education.
  16. An instrument for measuring pharmacist and physician attitudes towards collaboration: Preliminary psychometric data
  17. Rebuttals to critics of studies of the decline of empathy
  18. Career satisfaction and professional accomplishments
  19. The predictive validity of three versions of the mcat in relation to performance in medical school, residency, and licensing examinations: A longitudinal study of 36 classes of jefferson medical college
  20. Measurement of empathy among Japanese medical students: Psychometrics and score differences by gender and level of medical education