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Mary R. Robeson,

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Most Recent Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. Predicting risk of hospitalisation or death: A retrospective population-based analysis
  2. Beta-blocker initiation and adherence after hospitalization for acute myocardial infarction
  3. Evaluation of the congruence between students' postencounter notes and standardized patients' checklists in a clinical skills examination
  4. USMLE step 2 performance and test administration date in the fourth year of medical school
  5. Do global rating forms enable program directors to assess the ACGME competencies?
  6. Sooner or later? USMLE step 1 performance and test administration date at the end of the second year
  7. Conceptualization and measurement of clinical competence of residents: A brief rating form and its psychometric properties
  8. Administration of open-ended test questions by computer in a clerkship final examination
  9. Choice of first-year residency position and long-term generalist career choices [4]
  10. Who is a generalist? An analysis of whether physicians trained as generalists practice as generalists
  11. Patients don't present with five choices: An alternative to multiple- choice tests in assessing physicians' competence
  12. A statewide system to track medical students' careers: The Pennsylvania model
  13. Students satisfaction and perceptions of attending physicians' and residents' teaching role
  14. Assessment of physicians' interest in primary care training/retraining
  15. Generalist career plans: Tracking medical school seniors through residency
  16. Relationship of students' perceptions of faculty to scholastic achievement: Are popular instructors better educators?
  17. The virtues of extended matching and uncued tests as alternatives to multiple choice questions
  18. Gender differences among civilly committed schizophrenia subjects
  19. Pain and disability in families of chronic noncancer pain patients
  20. Retrospective study of 2,200 involuntary psychiatric admissions and readmissions