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Phyllis M. Accetta
Administrative Assistant to Dr. Gonnella

Mrs. Accetta is the Administrative Assistant to Dr. Gonnella, Director for the Center. She came to the Center in July 2000. Prior to coming to the Center she was Secretary to the Dean of Jefferson Medical College from September, 1996, to July, 2000. Mrs. Accetta provides administrative support to Dr. Gonnella. She also provides administrative support for communication and the preparation of project reports and publications.

(215) 955-6634
(215) 923-6939 fax

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Shira Carroll
Administrative Assistant

Shira Carroll is the Administrative Assistant to Daniel Louis, Managing Director of the Center. She joined the Center in January 2015. Shira provides administrative support to Mr. Louis and assists with the organization of course materials and presentations. She also provides support to Center faculty and staff in the preparation of project reports and publications.

(215) 955-9458
(215) 923-6939 fax

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Jonathan Cass, DrPH, MPH
Senior Technical Analyst

Dr. Cass earned his DrPH and MPH at Drexel University.  He provides technical support for computer applications in medical education such as ExamSoft in the preclinical curriculum, the Longitudinal Study, clinical skills assessments, Clinical Clerkship Review, and NBME Subject Examinations in the preclinical and clinical curriculum.  He also manages domestic and international services for the Jefferson Scale of Empathy. 

(215) 955-6964
(215) 923-6939 fax

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Sarah Hegarty, MPhil
Statistical Analyst

Sarah Hegarty is a Statistical Analyst. She is responsible for the programming and analysis of research projects in the healthcare field using SAS to analyze U.S. and Italian databases. She has been involved in research projects relating to the characterization of end-of-life care in the Emilia-Romagna Region, the production of healthcare profiles for the population served by the medical homes in the Emilia-Romagna Region, and the impact of an intervention to reduce the rate of potentially inappropriate prescribing in the AUSL of Parma.

(215) 955-7354
(215) 923-6939 fax

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Mengdan Liu, MS

Mengdan Liu is a Research Programmer/Analyst. She is responsible for the programming and analysis of research projects in the healthcare field using SAS to analyze U.S. and Italian databases. Ms. Liu works on various projects analyzing quality of the regional health care system using the data from Emilia-Romagna Region, Italy. She has also been involved in research projects such as distribution of surgical care in the region, and Development of healthcare profiles for the population served by the health districts and primary care units in the AUSL of Parma. Her background includes a M.S. degree in Biostatistics.

(215) 503-6087
(215) 923-6939 fax

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Kaye Maxwell, BS

Kaye Maxwell earned her BS in Mathematics from Mary Washington College in Fredericksburg, VA, and taught secondary mathematics for 10 years before coming to Jefferson in 1995. After 17 years at Jefferson, she retired as manager of testing services in 2012 but continues to administer services related to the Jefferson Scales of Empathy on a consultant basis. Her responsibilities include correspondence with clients and prospective clients, creating paper and on-line surveys, updating scoring programs, analyzing data and reporting results. She maintains the databases that track correspondence, orders, translations of the scales and publications.

(215) 955-6907
(215) 923-6939 fax

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Edward C. Nicks, Jr.
Statistical Assistant

Mr. Nicks is a statistical assistant whose primary re­sponsibility is coordinating examination and evaluation services for the Medical College and the College of Health Professions. He assists in the maintenance of the longitudinal database of medical students and graduates, coordinating mailings, collecting data, and providing statisti­cal analysis and reports. He also assists in the management of computers and other hard­ware within the Center.

(215) 955-7360
(215) 923-6939 fax

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Carol Rabinowitz, BA

Mrs. Rabinowtiz is Programmer/Analyst for the Center. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Sociol­ogy and Mathematics from Rutgers University. She is responsible for SAS pro­gramming for projects in health care. In the past year, the main areas of her fo­cus have been on collaborative projects studying the quality and cost of care in the Italian health care system.

(215) 955-9399
(215) 923-6939 fax

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