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Stephen McNulty, DO

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Philadelphia, PA 19107

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Most Recent Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. Validation of a system to detect scheduled drug diversion by anesthesia care providers
  2. The design and implementation of an automated system for logging clinical experiences using an anesthesia information management system
  3. Successful aortic fenestration to treat prolonged motor paralysis of the lower extremities after repair of type a aortic dissection
  4. Heparin-induced thrombocytopenia: Bovine versus porcine heparin in cardiopulmonary bypass surgery
  5. Evaluation of transesophageal atrial pacing in the prone and lateral positions
  6. Radiofrequency transmission to monitoring devices in the operating room: A simulation study
  7. Preoperative evaluation of hypertension: Anesthetic implications in patients with coronary disease
  8. An alternate method for calibrating the thrombelastograph
  9. Platelet concentrate effects on thromboelastography [2] (multiple letters)
  10. Effect of heparin-bonded pulmonary artery catheters on the activated coagulation time
  11. The clinical relevance of hemoglobin, platelet, and serotonin changes in sequestered and circulating blood during cardiopulmonary bypass
  12. Platelet concentrate effects on thromboelastography
  13. Prevalence of heparin-associated antibodies without thrombosis in patients undergoing cardiopulmonary bypass surgery
  14. Electroencephalographic changes associated with benzodiazepine use during cardiopulmonary bypass
  15. A comparison of four bedside methods of hemoglobin assessment during cardiac surgery
  16. The effect of midazolam and lorazepam on postoperative recovery after cardiac surgery
  17. Bedside hemoglobin measurements: Sensitivity to changes in serum protein and electrolytes
  18. Comparative vascular effects of midazolam and lorazepam administered during cardiopulmonary bypass
  19. Abstracts of scientific papers fourth annual meeting of the society for technology in anesthesia - January 26-29, 1994 Co-Sponsored by the Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation and the Society for Education in Anesthesia
  20. Transmitted radiofrequency current through a flow directed pulmonary artery catheter