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Eric Wickstrom, PhD

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233 South 10th Street
209 & 219 Bluemle Life Sciences Building
Philadelphia, PA 19107-5541

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Most Recent Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. Nanotube devices for digital profiling: A focus on cancer biomarkers and circulating tumor cells.
  2. Determining efficacy of breast cancer therapy by PET imaging of HER2 mRNA
  3. Effects of hypoxanthine substitution in peptide nucleic acids targeting KRAS2 oncogenic mRNA molecules: Theory and experiment
  4. Consistent Surgeon Evaluations of Three-Dimensional Rendering of PET/CT Scans of the Abdomen of a Patient with a Ductal Pancreatic Mass
  5. VPAC1 receptors for imaging breast cancer: A feasibility study
  6. Synthesis, physicochemical and biochemical studies of anti-IRS-1 oligonucleotides containing carborane and/or metallacarborane modification
  7. Uptake, efflux, and mass transfer coefficient of fluorescent PAMAM dendrimers into pancreatic cancer cells
  8. Molecular Determinants of Epidermal Growth Factor Binding: A Molecular Dynamics Study
  9. Diagnostic and thera 111C peutic applications of carbon nanotubes
  10. Erratum to: Targeting apoptosis for optical imaging of infection
  11. Targeting apoptosis for optical imaging of infection
  12. Fluorescent peptide-PNA chimeras for imaging monoamine oxidase A mRNA in neuronal cells
  13. Three dimensional projection environment for molecular design and surgical simulation
  14. Micro- and nanotechnology approaches for capturing circulating tumor cells
  15. Genetic and molecular approaches to imaging breast cancer
  16. Self-protecting bactericidal titanium alloy surface formed by covalent bonding of daptomycin bisphosphonates
  17. Physiologically based pharmacokinetics of molecular imaging nanoparticles for mRNA detection determined in tumor-bearing mice
  18. Imaging human pancreatic cancer xenografts by targeting mutant KRAS2 mRNA with [111In]DOTAn-Poly(diamidopropanoyl)m- KRAS2 PNA- d (Cys-Ser-Lys-Cys) nanoparticles
  19. Imaging spontaneous MMTVneu transgenic murine mammary tumors: Targeting metabolic activity versus genetic products
  20. Nanotube biosensor arrays for detection of molecular surface markers in breast cancer cells