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Department of Cancer Biology


The Mission of Jefferson’s Department of Cancer Biology is:

  • Make transformational discoveries of the cellular and molecular biology of the malignant process and the individual's and society's response to it;
  • Effectively translate latest research discoveries and clinical trials to provide the highest quality of care for our patients;
  • Provide expert and humanitarian care to cancer patients, their families, and those at risk.

Established in December 2005, the Department of Cancer Biology was created with a mandate to make transformational discoveries of significance for patients with cancer. Sixty new faculty and staff moved to Thomas Jefferson University in the first wave of recruitment for the new department of Cancer Biology. The department now has a total of 24 faculty and 48 staff members.

The Cancer Biology Department supports the Kimmel Cancer Center facilities, which in turn provides support for the Sidney Kimmel Medical College Research Infrastructure including: personnel and supplies, allowing Jefferson researchers to focus on the activities of science and teaching, and administrative staff and general services, to run the department.



Cancer Biology
Core Values

The Cancer Biology Department strives to achieve our core values on a daily basis:

– Always build ideal
teams of distinguishable

– Pursue the theoretical
limit of perfection

– Be involved in the
action and passion of
our time

The people of this
ideal team must be able to say:

– I am treated with
dignity and respect
everyday by everyone
I encounter, regardless
of my position and

– I am given the things
necessary to make a
contribution that is
meaningful to my life

– I am recognized for
the things I do

– I am never forced to
curtail my values

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