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Andrew E. Aplin, PhD

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Kimmel Cancer Center
233 S. Tenth Street, Suite 522
Philadelphia, PA 19107

(215) 503-7296
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Most Recent Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. Resistance to RAF inhibitors revisited
  2. Erratum: Hippo: Hungry, hungry for melanoma invasion (Journal of Investigative Dermatology)
  3. TWIST1 is an ERK1/2 effector that promotes invasion and regulates MMP-1 expression in human melanoma cells
  4. SHOC2 and CRAF mediate ERK1/2 reactivation in mutant NRAS-mediated resistance to RAF inhibitor
  5. BH3-only protein silencing contributes to acquired resistance to PLX4720 in human melanoma
  6. Resistance to Chemotherapy. Short-Term Drug Tolerance and Stem Cell-Like Subpopulations.
  7. Adaptive upregulation of FOXD3 and resistance to PLX4032/4720-induced cell death in mutant B-RAF melanoma cells
  8. The Yin-Yang of RAF inhibitors
  9. ERK2 phosphorylation of serine 77 regulates Bmf pro-apoptotic activity
  10. Meeting report from the 2011 international melanoma congress, Tampa, Florida
  11. Axl of evil
  12. Mechanisms of resistance to RAF inhibitors in melanoma
  13. FOXD3 regulates migration properties and Rnd3 expression in melanoma cells
  14. Mind the BAP
  15. Hyperactivation of MEK-ERK1/2 signaling and resistance to apoptosis induced by the oncogenic B-RAF inhibitor, PLX4720, in mutant N-RAS melanoma cells
  16. Finding the root of the problem: The quest to identify melanoma stem cells
  17. Paying particle attention to novel melanoma treatment strategies
  18. The wrath of RAFs: Rogue behavior of B-RAF kinase inhibitors
  19. CAV1 inhibits metastatic potential in melanomas through suppression of the integrin/Src/FAK signaling pathway
  20. Akt3-mediated resistance to apoptosis in B-RAF-targeted melanoma cells