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Zhiping Li, PhD

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Most Recent Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. Association of adipokines with blood pressure in rural Chinese adolescents
  2. Association of adiposity trajectories with insulin sensitivity and glycemic deterioration: A longitudinal study of rural Chinese twin adults
  3. Tracking blood glucose and predicting prediabetes in chinese children and adolescents: A prospective twin study
  4. C-reactive protein in adolescent twins: Patterns and relationship to adiposity
  5. Gender-specific association of sleep duration with blood pressure in rural Chinese adults
  6. Association between short sleep duration and the risk of sensitization to food and aero allergens in rural Chinese adolescents
  7. The patterns of glucose tolerance and insulin resistance among rural Chinese twin children, adolescents, and young adults
  8. Genetic and environmental influences on serum lipid tracking: A population-based, longitudinal chinese twin study
  9. Prediabetes is not all about obesity: Association between plasma leptin and prediabetes in lean rural Chinese adults
  10. Association of central adiposity with prediabetes and decreased insulin sensitivity in rural Chinese normal-weight and overweight women
  11. Percent fat mass is inversely associated with bone mass and hip geometry in rural Chinese adolescents
  12. Plasma adipokines, bone mass, and hip geometry in rural Chinese adolescents
  13. Association of surrogate and direct measures of adiposity with risk of metabolic syndrome in rural Chinese women
  14. Association of plasma leptin concentrations with adiposity measurements in rural Chinese adolescents
  15. Heritability and environmental factors affecting vitamin D status in rural Chinese adolescent twins
  16. Serum folate and DDT isomers and metabolites are inversely associated in Chinese women: A cross-sectional analysis
  17. Genetic and environmental contributions to phenotypic components of metabolic syndrome: A population-based twin study
  18. Adiposity, serum lipid levels, and allergic sensitization in Chinese men and women
  19. Sleep patterns among rural Chinese twin adolescents
  20. A large-scale genome-wide linkage analysis to map loci linked to stature in Chinese population