Aejaz Sayeed, PhD

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Most Recent Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. β1 integrin- and JNK-dependent tumor growth upon hypofractionated radiation
  2. αvβ6 integrin is required for TGFβ1-mediated matrix metalloproteinase2 expression
  3. IGF-IR Promotes Prostate Cancer Growth by Stabilizing α5β1 Integrin Protein Levels
  4. β1 integrins mediate resistance to ionizing radiation in vivo by inhibiting c-Jun amino terminal kinase 1
  5. Aberrant Regulation of the BST2 (Tetherin) Promoter Enhances Cell Proliferation and Apoptosis Evasion in High Grade Breast Cancer Cells
  6. PSA regulates androgen receptor expression in prostate cancer cells
  7. Insulin-like growth factor 1 stimulation of androgen receptor activity requires β 1A integrins
  8. Distinctive responsiveness to stromal signaling accompanies histologic grade programming of cancer cells
  9. Negative regulation of UCP2 by TGFβ signaling characterizes low and intermediate-grade primary breast cancer
  10. Immutable functional attributes of histologic grade revealed by context-independent gene expression in primary breast cancer cells
  11. Bisphenol A induces a profile of tumor aggressiveness in high-risk cells from breast cancer patients
  12. Oxidative stress pathways highlighted in tumor cell immortalization: Association with breast cancer outcome
  13. Estrogen receptor α inhibits p53-mediated transcriptional repression: Implications for the regulation of apoptosis
  14. Genome-wide allelotyping of a new in vitro model system reveals early events in breast cancer progression