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Most Recent Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. Lipid rafts and detergent-resistant membranes in epithelial keratinocytes
  2. Palmitoylation of plakophilin is required for desmosome assembly
  3. Reduced fibulin-2 contributes to loss of basement membrane integrity and skin blistering in mice lacking integrin α3β1 in the epidermis
  4. Expression of p53 protein after nonablative rejuvenation: The other side of the coin
  5. Efficacy of mesotherapy in facial rejuvenation: A histological and immunohistochemical evaluation
  6. Hailey-Hailey disease and tight junctions: Claudins 1 and 4 are regulated by ATP2C1 gene encoding Ca 2+/Mn 2+ ATPase SPCA1 in cultured keratinocytes
  7. Multiple minimally invasive Erbium: Yttrium Aluminum Garnet laser mini-peels for skin rejuvenation: An objective assessment
  8. A role for caveolin-1 in desmoglein binding and desmosome dynamics
  9. Noncanonical Hedgehog Signaling
  10. Effects of the Nd:YAG 1320-nm laser on skin rejuvenation: Clinical and histological correlations
  11. Radiofrequency facial rejuvenation: Evidence-based effect
  12. Electro-optical synergy technique a new and effective nonablative approach to skin aging
  13. Compound heterozygous desmoplakin mutations result in a phenotype with a combination of myocardial, skin, hair, and enamel abnormalities
  14. Desmosomes and desmosomal cadherin function in skin and heart diseases - Advancements in basic and clinical research
  15. Superficial Dsg2 expression limits epidermal blister formation mediated by pemphigus foliaceus antibodies and exfoliative toxins
  16. Extracellular matrix in cutaneous ageing: The effects of 0.1% copper-zinc malonate-containing cream on elastin biosynthesis
  17. Increased expression of Dsg2 in malignant skin carcinomas: A tissue-microarray based study
  18. Deregulation of keratinocyte differentiation and activation: A hallmark of venous ulcers (Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine (2008) 12, 6B, (2675-2690)
  19. Deregulation of keratinocyte differentiation and activation: A hallmark of venous ulcers
  20. Decreased plakophilin-1 expression promotes increased motility in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma cells