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International Dermatology

Established in 1987, the center serves as a catalyst for the development of programs in various areas of international dermatology, including continuing medical education, residency exchange programs, education in geographic and tropical dermatology and enhancement of investigative dermatology. Under the auspices of the Center, residents and fellows have the opportunity to participate in exchange programs on issues of global dermatology

JCID offers a 12-month Certificate Program designed specifically for non-U.S. physicians who wish to specialize further in dermatology. Training can be tailored to meet individual interests in specialty areas. In addition, an M.Sc. degree program has recently been developed and will enable foreign trained clinicians to further their clinical knowledge and skills in dermatology

Another vital function of the center is the growth and development of JCID-sponsored continuing medical education programs in the area of international dermatology. Conferences accredited by the AAD for Category I credits are held at many international sites and are offered as a means to foster the spirit of educational exchange within the clinical and research realms as well as to deepen our existing commitment in the area of international scholarship.

For more information about this center contact Carol Kelly.

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Lawrence Parish
, MD, Director

Jouni Uitto, MD, PhD, Co-director

Eileen O'Shaughnessy, MS, Executive Director

(215)  503-5785

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