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Most Recent Peer-reviewed Publications

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  2. Point-of-care ultrasound diagnoses acute decompensated heart failure in the ED regardless of examination findings
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  4. Child with painful palmar mass
  5. Diagnosing heart failure among acutely dyspneic patients with cardiac, inferior vena cava, and lung ultrasonography
  6. Clinician-performed beside ultrasound for the diagnosis of traumatic pneumothorax
  7. Emergency physicians' knowledge of the total charges of medical care
  8. Resuscitation of the pregnant patient: What is the effect of patient positioning on inferior vena cava diameter?
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  10. Inter-rater reliability of quantifying pleural B-lines using multiple counting methods
  11. Soft tissue foreign body removal technique using portable ultrasonography
  12. A patient with massive localized lymphedema
  13. Decrease in central venous catheter placement due to use of ultrasound guidance for peripheral intravenous catheters
  14. The effect of vessel depth, diameter, and location on ultrasound-guided peripheral intravenous catheter longevity
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  16. A Patient with a large pulmonary saddle embolus eluding both clinical gestalt and validated decision rules
  17. Emergency ultrasound-guided pericardiocentesis using a high-frequency linear array transducer to improve needle tip visualization
  18. Systemic Causes of Abdominal Pain
  19. The interrater reliability of inferior vena cava ultrasound by bedside clinician sonographers in emergency department patients
  20. Venothromboembolism