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Most Recent Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. An adapted mindfulness-based stress reduction program for elders in a continuing care retirement community: Quantitative and qualitative results from a pilot randomized controlled trial
  2. Telephone-adapted mindfulness-based stress reduction (tMBSR) for patients awaiting kidney transplantation: Trial design, rationale and feasibility
  3. Mindfulness-based stress reduction for overweight/obese women with and without polycystic ovary syndrome: Design and methods of a pilot randomized controlled trial
  4. The Effectiveness of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction on Educator Stress and Well-Being: Results from a Pilot Study
  5. Mindfulness: A Nonpharmacological Approach to Diabetes Management
  6. Meditation and neurodegenerative diseases
  7. The Effectiveness of the Learning to BREATHE Program on Adolescent Emotion Regulation
  8. Teaching mindfulness: A practical guide for clinicians and educators
  9. Enhanced psychosocial well-being following participation in a mindfulness-based stress reduction program is associated with increased natural killer cell activity
  10. Mindfulness-based stress reduction for chronic pain conditions: Variation in treatment outcomes and role of home meditation practice
  11. Mindfulness-based stress reduction is associated with improved glycemic control in type 2 diabetes mellitus: A pilot study
  12. Mindfulness-based stress reduction lowers psychological distress in medical students
  13. Mindfulness-based stress reduction and health-related quality of life in a heterogeneous patient population
  14. Effects of Adrenoceptor Blockade on Cardiac Hypertrophy and Myocardial Phospholipids
  15. α-Adrenergic modification of the Ca2+ transient and contraction in single rat cardiomyocytes
  16. Erratum: ''High-speed digital imaging of cytosolic Ca2+ and contraction in single cardiomyocytes'' (Volumes 259 and 28, July 1990, pages H230-H241)
  17. Altered responsiveness of hypertrophied rat hearts to alpha- and beta-adrenergic stimulation
  18. Impaired carnitine transport in the rat heart during E. coli sepsis
  19. Influence of dietary n-3 fatty acids on myocardial ischemia and reperfusion
  20. High-speed digital imaging of cytosolic Ca2+ and contraction in single cardiomyocytes