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"The Clinical Research Associate program was a great way to gain experience in how clinical research is done and have the opportunity to observe a specific clinical setting. The way the program was set up allowed me to speak with doctors, nurses, and patients, and hearing from these different members of the ER environment was very informative." -Diana Bouhassira

"My favorite aspect of the RA program at Jefferson has been the patient and staff interactions. I have improved my bedside manner and become familiar with technical terminology and reading patient charts." -Darlene Smith

"I enjoyed the freedom that the program allowed with our patient interactions. The research allowed me to talk to patients in a relaxed environment while still making a positive impact in the medical field." -Corey Rogers

"I found it really eye-opening to realize how much work goes into collecting the data that undergirds clinical studies. I think I appreciate the effort that goes into a clinical study much more now than I previously did. My favorite experiences from my semester as a Jefferson RA were those moments when I was able to be a companion to a patient who had no friends and family to be there for him or her. Even if it is for just a short time, the chance to spend time with people facing a medical crisis and provide some measure of comfort to them is so humbling and rewarding. " -Burton Hendrickson

"While many of my colleagues at medical school are nervous about our upcoming first encounter with a real patient, I am relaxed because my experiences at Jefferson taught me how to communicate to patients without being afraid. This program isn't just a resume booster but is an experience that was brought up in several of my school interviews that I was proud to talk about. I highly recommend it to any student seriously considering medical school." -Ash Cochran