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Patient Centered Risk Assessment and Communication


To study patterns of patient-provider communication, specifically with respect to the assessment and communication of risk, occurring in the clinical visit setting. We seek to develop interventions and strategies in which patients understand and can respond to information in a way that promotes their health. We seek to help patients translate concepts of health risk into metrics (which are important and understandable to them) and help in identification of their risk factors using a shared decision making process with their primary care providers


  1. To re-enforce patient centric approach to risk assessment and communication in a level 3 PCMH.
  2. To acknowledge that any intervention for health risk reduction must take into account the patient’s perceptions’ and beliefs about health risks in general.
  3. To discern that the likely adherence to behavior change strategies is directly proportionate to the shared decision making process with their health care provider.
  4. To increase patient participation in their health care by making it easier for them to express their priorities regarding behavioral risk reduction.



To develop a novel patient centered cardiac risk assessment tool, perform an initial feasibility study and initiate a large randomized trial of the intervention to determine its effects on clinical outcomes.



Marianna LaNoue, PhD

Geoffrey Mills, MD, PhD

Mark Berguson

Roma Amin

Manisha Verma, MD, MPH


Marianna LaNoue, PhD