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Patient Centered Risk Assessment & Communication

To study patterns of patient-provider communication occurring in the clinical visit setting. To study research methodologies for research that is conducted in a patient-centered manner.

We seek to develop interventions and strategies in which patients understand and can respond to information in a way that promotes their health, both from a research and a clinical perspective.

We seek to help patients translate concepts of health risk into metrics (which are important and understandable to them) and help in identification of their risk factors using a shared decision making process with their primary care providers


  • To add to the scientific literature in the areas of patient-centered communication and patient-centered outcomes research.
  • To acknowledge that any intervention for health risk reduction must take into account the patient’s perceptions and beliefs about health.
  • To increase patient participation in their health care by making it easier for them to express their priorities regarding behavioral risk reduction.


  • Patient Centered Cardiac Risk Assessment and Communication – Patient Perspectives
  • Patient Centered Cardiac Risk Assessment and Communication – Physician Perspectives