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Decision Making & Behavior

As of January 2011, the Division’s funded research included the following:

Gene Environmental Risk Assessment (GERA) and CRC Screening

Goal: Evaluate the impact of gene-environment risk assessment (GERA) feedback to average risk persons will significantly increase colorectal screening rate.

NCI-funded study
Principal Investigator: Ronald Myers

Tailored Navigation in CRC Screening

Goal: Determine impact of a tailored navigation intervention in a community network of primary care practices on colorectal cancer (CRC) screening, CRC screening preference, and perceptions about CRC screening

NCI-funded study
Principal Investigator: Ronald Myers

Translational Research in Cancer

Goal: Identify factors that influence decision making about participation in a pancreatic tumor registry.

NIH/ARRA-funded study
Principal Investigator: Ronald Myers

Tailored Preference Intervention and Colon Cancer Screening in Primary Care

Goal: Determine the impact of a tailored print intervention on colorectal cancer screening among African Americans.

Pennsylvania Department of Health funded study
Principal Investigator: Ronald Myers

Development of a Decision Aid for Hepatitis C (HCV) Testing in High Risk Populations

Goals: To develop a decision counseling protocol to assist patients with HCV risk factors in making an informed decision about HCV testing. To implement the decision counseling protocol in a primary care practice setting.

Funded by the Pennsylvania Department of Health
Principal Investigator: Amy Leader

Factors influencing decision making about Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination among low-income, African American males and their caregivers

Goals: To determine the factors that are influential when adolescent males and their caregivers are making decisions about HPV vaccination Principal

Funded by the American Cancer Society, Institutional Research Grant
Investigator: Amy Leader