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Elias Schwartz, PhD

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Room 705
Philadelphia, PA 19107

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Most Recent Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. Deferiprone and hepatic fibrosis [5] (multiple letters)
  2. Lack of progressive hepatic fibrosis during long-term therapy with deferiprone in subjects with transfusion-dependent beta-thalassemia
  3. Genetic modifiers of sickle cell disease: endothelin-1 as a candidate gene and validation of a new snp discovery assay
  4. Identification of the nucleotide change (CAC → CGC) responsible for Hb P-Galveston [β117(G19)His → Arg]
  5. The role of the human Fc receptor FcγRIIA in the immune clearance of platelets: A transgenic mouse model
  6. -245 bp of 5'-flanking region from the human platelet factor 4 gene is sufficient to drive megakaryocyte-specific expression in vivo
  7. A naturally occurring mutation in FcγRIIA: A Q to K127 change confers unique IgG binding properties to the R131 allelic form of the receptor
  8. Molecular analysis of a compound heterozygote for hypoprothrombinemia and dysprothrombinemia (-G 7248/7249 and ARG 340 TRP)
  9. Expression studies of δ-globin gene alleles associated with reduced hemoglobin A2 levels in Greek cypriots
  10. Human c-kit ligand (stem cell factor) induces platelet Fc receptor expression in megakaryoblastic cells
  11. Relationship between Fc receptor IIA polymorphism and infection in children with sickle cell disease
  12. Polymerization of three hemoglobin A2 variants containing Val and inhibition of hemoglobin S polymerization by hemoglobin A2
  13. Megakaryocyte-specific positive regulatory sequence 5' to the human PF4 gene
  14. Lineage-specific alternative splicing of the human FcgammaRIIA transmembrane exon requires sequences near the 3' splice site
  15. Partially oxygenated sickled cells: Sickle-shaped red cells found in circulating blood of patients with sickle cell disease
  16. Genetic diversity in human Fc receptor II for immunoglobulin G: Fcgamma receptor IIA ligand-binding polymorphism
  17. Systematic use of automated fluorescence-based sequence analysis of amplified genomic DNA for rapid detection of point mutations
  18. Interaction of a rare illegitimate recombination event and a poly A addition site mutation resulting in a severe form of α thalassemia
  19. Variation in human FCGR2C gene copy number
  20. Erythrocytapheresis therapy to reduce iron overload in chronically transfused patients with sickle cell disease